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No responsibility is accepted for the content of external internet sites that link to this site or which are linked from it. Links are provided as a general information resource for the use of visitors to the web site and no endorsement by AGTech of the content of such external sites shall be implied by any link.

Company / Organisation logo Company / Organisation Name Website
General Administration of Sport of China http://www.sport.gov.cn
China Sports Lottery Administration Centre ("SLAC") http://www.lottery.gov.cn
China Sport Information Center of the General Administration of Sport of China http://www.sport.gov.cn
World Lottery Association http://www.world-lotteries.org
Asia Pacific Lottery Association http://www.asiapacific-lotteries.com
Ladbrokes PLC  http://www.ladbrokesplc.com
Aristocrat http://www.aristocrat.com.au
Beijing AGTech GOT Technology Limited http://www.got.cn
All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives http://www.chinacoop.com
Suguo Supermarket Co., Ltd. http://www.suguo.com.cn
Potevio http://www.potevio.com
China Electronics Corporation http://www.cecholding.com
China Mobile http://www.chinamobile.com
Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre http://www.manetic.org
China Center for Lottery Studies (CCLS) at Peking University http://ccls.pku.edu.cn