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Online and Mobile Lottery
Lottery Management
Positioned to Capture Opportunities from New Distribution Channels:

The Group continues to closely monitor policy developments with respect to the government approval of lottery sales via internet and mobile. In Silvercreek, we own one of the most competitive mobile lottery service providers in China, capable of providing lottery organisations with comprehensive mobile betting solutions.

The provincial mobile systems trials that are being prepared in the lottery industry are expected to lead to the creation of a fully regulated mobile lottery distribution market in China. With the valuable PRC internet service provider and PRC internet content provider experience of Silvercreek, as well as its track-record and relationships in the lottery industry, the Group is fully qualified to grasp the opportunities in mobile and internet lottery systems and distribution. In this area, the Group is working with the most advanced international companies and will provide a full range of support and services to localise and develop China’s mobile lottery systems and games.

The authorities are working on a national (as opposed to provincial) remote distribution system, sales of the Group’s approved games, Lucky Racing and e-Ball Lottery, should benefit strongly when such a system is introduced.